Monday, October 18, 2010


A true fresh-hopped ale with a deep auburn color and vibrant hop aroma. This annual brew is worth the weight with 100 pounds of hops per batch. Enjoy the flowers of our labor and see what the "hood" is buzzing about.
This week I will be receiving my one and only shipment of kegs and cases of Harvest from the Hood from Philadelphia. Many thanks to Greensgrow farms for providing fresh hops to add to the many pounds harvested at the brewery.
We're excited to build on the success of last year's release and get this beer onto your taste buds not only at the bar, but also at home in 22 oz. bottles.
Here's where Harvest from the Hood should be on tap shortly:

Blue Dust
D's Six Pax (both in Regent Square and Monroeville)
Kelly's Bar and Lounge
Mad Mex in Robinson
Piper's Pub
Carl's Tavern
Bites and Brews
Fuel and Fuddle
3 Sons
House of 1,000 Beers
Brews Brothers
Beer Nutz
Salt of the Earth
Harris Grill

And here's where you can find bottles--in singles and by the case:

D's Six Pax, both of them
Pitt's Doggin' It, Oakland
3 Sons, Wexford
House of 1,000 Beers, New Kensington
Brews Brothers
Beer Nutz
West Liberty Beer and Tobacco
Beer World
Brian's Brew'ry Outlet
Pittsburgh St. Beverage, Greensburg
Beer Express

If you need any more info or have any questions about the next Select Ale release, give me a call. We'll talk.