Friday, May 14, 2010


From Pennsylvania-"Keystone of the Nation"-comes a truly classic American pale ale with a Pennsylvania kick. Brewed with a combination of delicious hops and lightly toasted malts, this amber brew will have you singing the virtues of liberty and independence.
I bet you wouldn't be surprised it's called
Pennsylvania Pale Ale. Look for it everywhere real soon, in bottles and draft. In fact, you can get a sneak taste at OTB on the South Side and at Harris Grill in Shadyside.

Our next draft-only release should also be available in about a month's time or so. I'll keep you posted about its style, location and name (that's always the hardest part!).

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  1. Matthew -

    I got your voicemail a while back and tried to call you on the number I had... it just rang and rang. I thought, "Where's Matt?" Call me again and leave your number, or email me at
    Thanks! Blog looks good - I'll have to order something soon!